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David Plummer: World Championship Medalist & New Dad


Fueling David Plummer

$1,910 of $7,500

David’s next career benchmark is to qualify for the 2014 and 2015 U.S. National Team and World Championships which happens at one meet in Irvine California in July 2014. To get there, here are the costs that the Plummer family will be incurring in the lead up to the selection meet:

Sports Psychologist: $3000
Physical Therapist: & Massage Therapy / Recovery: $3000
Pool Time and coaching fees: $1000
Diaper Fund: $500

TOTAL: $7500

In a sport known for fierce competition that comes down to hundredths of a second, David Plummer has a reputation as one of the nicest guys on the U.S. National swim team. A native of Oklahoma now living in Minnesota after a successful NCAA career, David decided to keep swimming after his graduation from The University of Minnesota. Training for the 2012 Olympic Games ensued, only to miss making the team by one spot, a mere .12 of a second.

After going on a solo cross-country road trip after the Olympic Trials to decompress, David has since re-grouped both physically and mentally. The payoff came sooner rather than later when David qualified for the 2013 World Championships in 3 events, coming home with a Silver medal in his signature 100m Backstroke while helping the United States go 1-2 in the event. On an equally higher note, the Plummers’ first child, Will, was born in 2013, making this one of the best years of his life. “My final few goals are simple: make the Olympic Team, have the perfect race. The first is self-explanatory. The second is being at my absolute best at the biggest meet of the year.”

However, it takes time, dedication, funding, and support to help one train for the Olympic Team. David coaches and runs clinics to fund his training, dedicating much of his time to helping others pursue their swimming dreams. He also regularly sees a Sports Psychologist, which was a key component to helping him make the World Championships team this year. This, on top of the physical demands training takes on the body, has resulted in escalating fees for Physical therapy and massage to aid in recovery. Additionally, as any new parents know, the cost of diapers is a constant struggle.

Via Dreamfuel, fans can support David and his family along their journey as he trains for the 2015 World Championships, 2016 Olympic Games, and beyond to help make David’s dreams a reality.

$5 - Sticker set (“I Heart Backstroke,” #HotDad)
$10 - Personalized postcard from Flanders Cup in Antwerp or Grand Prix meet of your choice
$15 - Playlist of David's favorite training songs + 3 month Rdio subscription
$20 - Holiday card from The Plummers
$25 - “I Fueled David Plummer to Nationals” Tshirt
$35 - Personalized autographed poster
$50 - Video Skype chat
$75 - All of the above
$100 - All of the above + Your name permanently listed on David’s website as a sponsor / donor
$250 - 4 Video Skype private lessons (1 per quarter)
$500 + Travel: David will come and speak to your team / school / organization
$1,000 + Travel - Private lesson
$2,500 - Personalized clinic custom designed to your group or team
$5,000 - VIP All-in trip to 2014 Minnesota Grand Prix personally hosted and curated by David

over 1 year ago

Merry Christmas David - enjoy your new family this winter and then enjoy 2014 - I think this might be a pretty good year for you! Good Luck!