Annemarie du LeBohnAnnemarie du LeBohn: Ironman and survivor


About Annemarie du LeBohn: Ironman and survivor

Annemarie du LeBohn has overcome challenges throughout her life that inspire us to defy the odds. She is survivor of rape before there were women’s shelters and support groups. With no resources or support Annemarie lived with confusion, shame and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - that is till she turned 49. That's when she choose to transform her mind by taking on the world's toughest endurance race - Ironman.

No doubt Ironman is physical. Athletes have 17-hours to swim 2.4 miles, cycle 112 miles and run 26.2 miles - totaling 140.6 miles.

However, to finish Ironman athletes must also discipline the mind. So Annemarie worked to transform her mind. The goal - race Ironman without one negative thought.

This transformation taught Annemarie how to live in the moment, and it brought her journey full circle - filling her with peace, acceptance and forgiveness.

Now Annemarie is a sought after speaker who shares how to develop a peaceful and powerful mindset. She has spoken on a TED stage, with women's groups, trade associations and corporate training workshops. Plus she intertwines her passion for corporate social responsibility along the way.

Annemarie will continue her inspiring and healing journey by racing the HITS Napa triathlon. It's in April 2014, and she would appreciate your support. For example, the cost of renting a wetsuit/racing wheels, traveling, and lodging is more than $1,000. That doesn't include training costs, i.e., masters swim memberships, tri/running clubs, shoes, gear, food, bike repair/maintenance etc.

Annemarie is turning to the Dreamfuel community seeking funds to support her journey, to share her story, and to inspire people along the way.

25% of all funds received beyond the goal will be donated to The Challenged Athletes Foundation.

Dream Tiers

  • $5:
    Receive a personal thank-you Tweet from Annemarie

    Receive a personal thank-you video from Annemarie, plus a FREE coupon for Justin’s Squeeze Pack Almond Butter (40 available).

    Receive three (3) month subscription to Rdio, plus a playlist of Annemarie’s training songs.

    Receive a personal thank-you postcard from the HITS Napa race.

    Receive 10 recipes used by Annemarie when training/racing Ironman or other triathlons.

    Receive one (1) bottle opener from artist, The Recycler and one (1) bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from OneHope Wine (3 available).
    Open your favorite bottle of beer with the one of a kind bottle opener made from bike chain and a piece of sprocket. 5.5"L x 2"W
    Receive one (1) set of coasters from artist The Recycler and (1) bottle of Pinot for Paws from OneHope Wine (2 available).
    The set of 4 coasters are one of a kind and made from woven strips of inner tubes. Perfect for the cycling enthusiast. Coasters are 4 inches square..

    Receive one (1) permanent donor thank-you acknowledgement on Annemarie’s website and a personalized Thank-you card from the HITS Napa race.

    Receive one (1) 30-minute Skype session with Annemarie and create a customized workout plan. Plus, receive permanent donor thank-you listing on Annemarie’s website.

    Your name/logo will be printed on Annemarie’s gear during the HITS Napa race, plus you’ll receive a 30-minute Skype session with Annemarie to create a customized workout plan

    $3000 + Travel:
    Annemarie will visit your school, organization, or team and speak (up to 45 minutes) sharing tools and tips she used to develop a successful peaceful and powerful mindset.