Brooke PighinBrooke Pighin: A Living Miracle and Canadian National Javelin Champion


About Brooke Pighin: A Living Miracle and Canadian National Javelin Champion

Brooke Pighin shouldn't be alive today.

She certainly shouldn't be walking, let alone running, let alone a viable Olympic contender.

Her survival and success is a testament to both her own strength and tenacity and the power of her faith.

When she was eleven, Brooke went out skiing with her parents, a typical day in any regard. While on the slopes, she was involved in a brutal accident, with doctors afterwards reporting that her chance for survival was slim. While Brooke marshaled her internal fortitude, her family called on their faith community, who assembled "prayer chains" around the world. Within a few weeks, it became clear that Brooke would make it -- but doctors cautioned her parents that the athletic youth might never walk again, let alone compete.

Again, Brooke proved them all wrong, but her understandably concerned parents were hesitant to let her compete in sports. Killing time on the sidelines at one of her brother's track meets, Brooke begged her parents to let her do something -- and throwing a javelin seemed safe enough for them to let her try.

Within a year, Brooke was nationally ranked in Canada and competing all over the country. Never wanting to be confined to one sport, Brooke also became a star on the basketball court, but decided to peruse track and field and the javelin at the University of Washington.

After racking up a number of collegiate honors, Brooke has her sights set on the 2016 Olympics and is training hard. Full time training is a massive commitment, and Brooke is raising to help fund her training expenses as she works towards a trip to Rio. Brooke is still active in her church and also a budding motivational speaker -- an ideal role model for young athletes.

Brooke's campaign goal is to raise $10,000. 50% of funds raised over 10k will be given to the charity of Brooke’s choice. Help Brooke with her journey as she trains to achieve her dream of competing for the 2016 Olympic Games. She is a living miracle and an inspiration to all that she comes into contact with - from being told she would never walk, talk, or eat on her own again - to an elite athlete competing with the best in the world.

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