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Crossfit Virtuosity: Help Team Virtuosity Go To The Games!


Fueling CrossFit Virtuosity

$6,676 of $15,000

When the team from Brooklyn’s CrossFit Virtuosity headed the North East Regionals, few thought they’d make it to the final podium. The team was seeded in 26th place and had never gone to the CrossFit Games before; team member Ariel Fernandez, who is also a coach at CFV, told a class he taught a few days before Regionals that their goal was to make it to the top 10.

They achieved that, and then some. Virtuosity was consistently in the top five all weekend, and took third place overall, winning a spot at the Crossfit Games in Carson, CA.

The three men and three women on the team all come from diverse athletic backgrounds, brought together by a love of CrossFit. Gregg Martino and Ariel Fernandez are coaches at CFV; Emily Buckley manages a kickboxing gym; and Jessica Pamanian is a CrossFit trainer and a personal chef. Two other members have “regular” jobs (Kathleen Ryan is an executive assistant and Paul Delanoy keeps the streets safe as an NYPD officer); everyone is committed to a grueling regimen of daily workouts until they head to the Games.

Unfortunately, getting to the Games from Brooklyn won’t be cheap -- all in, it will cost about $2,000 per athlete. Help CFV make it out to Carson and represent the best athletes Brooklyn has to offer.

$5 -- Thank you message on the CFV Twitter account

$15 -- Attend the CFV Prom and:
- Take a peek at a team member's own, potentially embarrassing, high school prom photo!
- Get a classic prom-style photo booth picture with a team member
- Have a team member pour you a cocktail

$20 -- The coaches at CFV will dedicate a WOD (workout of the day) to you

$45 -- Attend the CFV Prom and:
- Get a photo booth picture in which a team member lifts you off the ground (exact distance off ground dependent on your size)
- Dance with a team member
- Dedicate a song of your choice to a team member
- Have a team member walk (possibly drunkenly) on their hands

$50 -- Autographed CFV t-shirt

$100 -- Provide a YouTube video of yourself performing a CrossFit movement and a team member of your choice or Coach Steve will provide Coach's Eye video analysis for you OR attend the CFV Prom, dance to a song of your choice with a team member and get a photo booth picture with the abs of a team member

$250 -- 90-minute coaching session with a team member or Coach Steve (in person if you come to the gym; via Skype if not)

$500 -- NY locals: Jessica will cater a dinner of up to 8 people for you (limit one); Non-NY locals: Two Skype coaching sessions and a swag box containing autographed CFV gear.

$1,000 -- NY locals: Jessica caters dinner with CFV team members (limit 4 guests plus the members of the team)

$3,000 -- NY locals: An afternoon (4 hours) of training with a team member of your choice for you and 5 friends at CFV

$5,000 -- NY locals: An afternoon (4 hours) of training with two team members of your choice for you and 5 friends at CFV

All tiers will be fulfilled and/or scheduled by the end of 2014.

over 1 year ago

Good luck Team Virtuosity! - CrossFit South Brooklyn

over 1 year ago

Emily, You are a huge inspiration, Keep up the good work and send me a signed shirt! -Julian DuPont

over 1 year ago

6AM coaches REPRESENT! Insider tip: Play tipsy radio while training, it'll help. ;-) - D!

over 1 year ago

I can't wait to see Team Virtuosity in Carson! The Pamanian's will be there to represent! Train hard and win big! Love you, cousin Jess!

over 1 year ago

Good Luck Team Virtuosity!! Coach Ariel , it was amazing watching you compete!!! I think I would like a lift photo!! Haha!!

over 1 year ago

Good Luck Kathleen, with your drive I am sure you will make us proud like all those "Rebel" years. - Gary

over 1 year ago

Good luck in Carson Team Virtuosity! You are an amazing team and fun to watch. Judy

over 1 year ago

Good Luck, Boss! Viva Team Virtuosity, Ay Caramba!!! Love you Kathleen! Leo

over 1 year ago

Congratulations and good luck, especially to Kath! -Liz Terry

over 1 year ago

Kick ass in Cali! We can't wait to watch!! xxoo Taylor and Clint