About Dreamfuel

Dreamfuel is

modern funding for athletes

All athletes & teams fundraise ­— many every season wondering how they are going to keep going. Dreamfuel eliminates the door­-to-­door clipboard, generating revenue globally while building a base of supporters for your athletic career and team’s program. Dreamfuel empowers each athlete & team to engage with the community that surrounds them, activating new fans and supporters along the way

How it works

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1. Apply

Tell us about you and what you need funds for. Load up your video message and photos to build your campaign.

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2. Review

Consider us your Dreamfuel coach! Someone from our team will review your campaign to make sure it’s the best it can be.

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3. Launch

Off we go! The athletes that listen to our tried and true tactics statistically raise more funds than those who don’t.


Supporting an athlete or team could not be easier. Choose the athlete of your choice or peruse the site to find your favorite sport. Become a part of each athlete’s journey and help them to achieve their dreams.

Unable to contribute? Share an athlete or team’s campaign on your social media, e-mail it to folks you know and tell friends. This helps the athletes as much as financial support.

“Dreamfuel gives athletes with goals, but not necessarily the means to achieve them, a chance to succeed, and for that I will forever be grateful to them!”

Margaux Farrell,

Olympic Bronze medalist – France


Why Dreamfuel?


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Emily White

Dreamfuel is led by Division I scholarship athlete Emily White, who is the daughter and granddaughter of coaches. She has been behind some of the largest campaigns in crowdfunding history. Emily is leading the Dreamfuel team to serve athletes with seamless fundraising tools and beyond.