A title like the “World Capital of Gambling” does not come without validation. It takes effort and a bunch of features to make matters progressive. For that purpose, Macau will always be credited for all that they have done to the world of gambling. But apart from a bunch of facts, one might not know much about Macau. Although you may have expressed a desire to see the place, you are still low on facts. Hence, to make matters effective, here’s our take on decoding the world capital of gambling.

Bigger than Vegas

Yes, you heard it right. Right from the moment it received the title, Macau has been considered to be bigger than Vegas. But are their facts to support this claim. Well, yes, there is. The gaming revenue that comes out from Macau hit a record high of £14.7bn. This amount emerged from 33 casinos, making Macau four times bigger than Vegas. With new features and exciting developments, Macau has managed to grab hold of various gamblers. Apart from that, they have also created a new wave of interest among individuals to shift towards gambling.

Gaming Tourism

The growth of Macau is not something that came all of a sudden. In fact, the process has been going on for quite some time. But mainstream success came after the government decided to change its laws on gambling and make it legal. With that, things seemed to spiral for the government with revenue coming in from all directions. But things were not the same back in the 1920s due to an active monopoly. The government at the time granted the rights to a syndicate that was dominated by Stanley Ho. Formerly known as the casino kind, Standly held around a third of the industry until March 2011. With a bunch of public feuds, Standly handed it over to his family.

The Chinese Market

Regardless of the world attractions and features, casinos in Macau are also catered to match the Chinese market. This is one of the main reasons why Baccarat is everywhere when compared to Poker. The Chinese people love playing Baccarat, and it accounted for over 85% of the revenue in 2008. Their mode of gambling is quite different from the rest of the word. The intensity and method of playing vary as people follow different systems.


Gambling and the casino business have always been on the rise and continue to grow. A lot of aspects need to be credited for this success. Reaching a point of commercial success is not easy, and everyone has considerably benefitted. Hence, that sums up our report about decoding the gambling capital of the world.

Decoding the World Capital of Gambling

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