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Asia, of all the continents, traverses the largest area on the planet. Every domain of work has flourished in this land, with gambling having a different history linked to it. The urge to double the money in hand has put the world on the rotating wheel of numbers and luck. Although not similar to the environment of Sin City, Asia houses several casinos to gratify the human nature of cupidity. You don’t need to fly to Vegas to have a taste of luck. Casino resorts are not uncommon in the Asian land but only has multiplied abundantly over the years to pave the way even for the biggest casino in the world. Here are the best Asian casino resorts you can visit in 2020.

1.     The Venetian

Luxury stagnates in the air of the beautiful city of Macau with the Venetian edifice built in grandeur. Owned by the Las Vegas Sands, Venetian Macau, goes as high up as about 39 stories and maps over 10,500,000 sq ft on this Asian territory to make it the largest casino in the world. Accolades to the building go on to make a longer list that includes the status of being the seventh-largest building with the area covered and of the largest Asian single structure hotel. Apart from gambling and hospitality, shopping is among the other major attractions of the Venetian. The elegant halls and architecture make it the perfect setting for business trips and conferences. The Cotai Arena, mostly known for the high- quality entertainment that it provides, is the arena that you are looking for. This 15,000-seater arena is the perfect space for recreation and sports.

2.     Paradise City

Known as Northeast Asia’s best casino resort, Paradise City is the ideal place to escape into for your gambling holiday. Entertainment takes multiple forms here with the spas, art gallery, shopping, convention, clubs, and carnivals to add to the fun that the casinos provide with the luxury gambling floors. You can visit the art gallery to travel through the ancient culture to the existing ones, and go shopping in the long line of stores that sell souvenirs and Korean specials. Good night sleep is guaranteed on the cushy beds in the Korean style architecture that shapes up the entire resort.

3.     MGM Macau

Ever heard of the name MGM? The Metro-Goldwyn –Mayer film studio that has produced movies for decades stepped into the field of casinos as well. The MGM Resorts International partnered with Pansy Ho to create one of the most popular casino resorts in Asia. MGM Macau celebrates its 13th anniversary this year with various offers waiting to be announced in the coming months. There wouldn’t be a better gambling vacation spot in Macau than the MGM for the ones who prefer to stay from the crowded interiors of the Venetian. With the 600 rooms spread over the 35 stories, space is available in plenty for tourists to rest after the long day of gambling, shopping, and exploring multiple cuisines.

The 3 Best Asian Casino Resorts of 2020

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