With 48 countries occupying the mapped out land, Asia is the largest and most populous continent in the world. Step into this territory to be entranced by the diverse cultures and high population that has lived through the ages. Every generation has passed through time with the desire to make more out of the casino floors. The massive population spread all over the continent has been leveraging on their skills and the strategies to generate huge fortunes. These enormous footfalls into the casinos make the Asian grounds more fertile for the gambling industry. In the present decade, gambling has been shifted to online platforms, making the whole experience more convenient. Established international brands are now in the game to provide bettors with regional sites where they can bet at their leisure. Following are some of the best online sports betting sites.


1.     Asiabet

The online gambling industry has been flourishing over the past decade, and the name Asiabet has been the most familiar one. Among the several ambitious sites that have been developed for betting, Asiabet has gained immense popularity. It has developed comparison websites for gambling and sports betting and is available in many countries including Malaysia, India, Japan, and the Philippines. Over 30 sports betting operators can be found on the Asiabet platform. The long list includes the most popular sports such as horse racing, football, and cricket. The Indians are more into cricket and football, of which every league can be visited for a bet. EPL, Europa, and other top-tier competitions in football can be bet upon to generate bigger numbers. Available on both phones and desktops, Asiabet is highly preferred on the compact screens for the convenience. It would take about less than a few seconds to load up the markets to start betting.

2.     Betway

The Betway website features more than 30,000 betting markets and has been standing firmly in this position for the past 15 years. You get to bet on almost any sport that takes place in the world, be it a football match or even the darts game. Boxing, Formula 1, Rugby, and cricket are among the most used domains in Betway. Besides these sports, the site boasts of having access to the betting arenas of almost every other game and even the less popular leagues. The website also offers an in-play option where you get to participate in live-action sports wagering and make the most out of this opportunity. Betway app is available on both Android and iOS devices and can be accessed from anywhere in the continent, making it the second-best on this list.

3.     22bet

On the 22bet platform, you get to delve into various sports that include soccer, hockey, cricket, snooker, cycling, and many more. You are also provided with the opportunity to chat with the fellow bettors and fans who are in the game just as you are. Sign up into the website and get started with your betting on your favorite sport. Try your luck over your instincts and come out victorious with significant fortune jingling in your pockets.

Best Asian Sports Betting Sites

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