Dreamfuel is a platform for competing athletes to raise money online from fans and followers. We welcome athletes competing on all levels, from the Olympics to the state championships. If you are interested in having your travel, training, or equipment costs be Dreamfueld, please contact info@dreamfuel.me for more information.

Crowdfunding is not just about supporting direct financial needs but goes beyond the initial goal achieved. Many athletes already sell merchandise and engage with fans in various ways. However, creating campaigns with a clear strategy as well as coordinating the efforts of an athlete’s community and fan base builds a more intimate relationship between the athlete and his or her supporters. For example, instead of simply buying an athlete’s jersey or poster, the fans are more enthusiastic because they are more involved, directly contributing to their athletes. Fans want a more tangible experience and with Dreamfuel they have the opportunity to support an athlete through training, ultimately reaching their goals. In turn, this enthusiasm carries as organic promotion, promoting the athletes via social media.

As we will be working with each athlete to create custom marketing plans around their goals, the athlete will learn skills that they can take beyond the Dreamfuel campaign. This will assist the athlete in continuing to engage and grow their community and for the rest of their careers.

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