Odds of Gambling

Casinos maintain an edge in every game which always keeps them in profit while the players think they are looting the casinos. Professional gamblers know well that most of the games are meant to profit the casinos, and they also know how to beat those odds to make the luck work in their favour. Here are some tips from experts on shifting the odds on your favour when gambling.

Keep an eye on your dealer

Not all the dealers are completely professional, and you have to find out who is not. All you need is a clumsy dealer who will accidentally flashcards while placing them face down. Experts have even gone far ahead by making a list of such dealers to win for a long period of time. The strategy is called card holing, which can give you 6-9% extra edge over the games.

Do not fall for the charm

You might find it more entertaining to sit at tables which are hosted by attractive female dealers or the tables which are nearby the pole dancer. It is not wrong to enjoy having beautiful workers around you but wait till you realise that the tables with attractive dealers have lower payouts. Where a normal table pays you a hundred for 20, such tables will pay only eighty.

Know when to stop

Every casino has a calculated number of turns on which they are guaranteed a win. For roulette, it is 30,000 hands. So if you believe that you will keep winning, you are only getting closer to a big loss. Keep your game limited and know when to stop and enjoy some snacks in the restaurant.

Try playing big

Sometimes it is a good idea to play big rather than playing too safe and small and win nothing in the end. The slot machines which can be played with a penny has a house edge of up to 20%, which is the same as throwing the penny in a wishing well. Instead, you can play the slots which cost $5 or more and play with the biggest bets in order to get high chances of winning the jackpots.]

Avoid playing Keno

Keno is the worst game you can play and hope to win. The chances of winning in keno is 1 in 3.5 quintillion, which makes it a loss machine for gamblers. The house too has 35% of edge on the game. It is more than enough to convince anyone to avoid keno.

Do not fall for the appearance

Casinos know how to lure their guests into playing games with lower odds. There is enough psychedelic lights and decorations inside casinos to make people go for the machines which look more attractive. The machines which make the loudest sounds have the lowest odds for the players and every pro gambler knows that. Try to explore the darker and less flashy parts of the casino to find the machines which can give you better odds.

How to Shift the Odds of Gambling to Your Favor

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