Gambling is a process of playing a game for money which generally involves placing bets and playing the right odds for winning. Gambling has become one of the most popular past time in the last few years. Despite the challenges, the people face there is a rise in technology, gambling and betting. The timeline of the gambling industry has grown from the 1790s when Harry Ogden became the first to profit from bookmaking to 2015, where the online industry saw its boom.

Mobile and Apps

With the internet, readily available more and more people are looking into mobile for their entertainment. This is where the casinos decided to go online in the year 12015 the mobile gaming craze up to 75% and had an increased additional 84% between 2013 to 2015. The amount of bets placed on mobile devices has reached $100 billion. It is estimated that over 164 million people are using their mobile devices to visit online casinos. Their main interest lies in placing a bet or purchasing a lottery ticket. Today, mobile gaming has proven to be vital for many casinos business.


The traditional betting shops have become a challenge due to the continuous attraction of the customers toward an app. There is also less competition from mobile apps which has allowed one to use it in their home. There are many apps and technologies which are increasingly being incorporated into their betting shops allowing the gambler to enjoy socialising with the help of technology.

Bookmakers also provide for the many things which one can enjoy for betting. Betting online is limited to cards and the system has been the main reason for the spread of identity issues. There are also social aspects to betting where the community allows the bookmakers to create an experience through mobile phone screens.

Meeting the growing mobile gambling demand

It is very evident that technology has become one of the most influenced parts of gambling, where the convenience of mobile customers has become a priority. The expectations of these customers need to be validated to help bring a secure and user-friendly option for betting shops. Digital industry and gambling industry are trying to customise themselves with the options they have available, which can be used to install the app securely.

In conclusion

Today the mobile gambling industry is said to be over $100 billion, and this is just the beginning. With the technology having the right influence over gambling has made it easier for the audience to access. By providing the right secure, user-friendly and flexible options on their mobile apps, customers can easily gain access to your online casino bring your casino business into the competition.

How gambling has Shaped the Casino Business

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