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Sports have always been an intricate part of my life. I have just concluded my collegiate career as a track and field athlete being a heptathlete and hurdler. This previous summer a friend of mine mentioned a combine testing event hosted by USA bobsled/skeleton recruiters, so I thought 'why not'. Having scored high enough, I received an invitation to return for rookie push championships in Lake Placid NY. This week of training prepared me for the push competition at the end of the week where I placed top three for rookie skeleton! This mark offered me another opportunity to return once more to Lake Placid for skeleton driving school. Without hesitation I accepted, and I enjoyed ever minute of it. Going into the ear of 2017, I am excited to train and learn from the elite as they too train and prepare for the upcoming Olympic year. I am an athlete to the core, and love every bit of what that means. I look to the orient and smile at what the future has in store, the greatest honor would be to represent my country for all the world to see.

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