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Naima has been doing gymnastics since she was 2 1/2 years old.She just showed natural ability at a young age. The first gym she attended was great until they changed coaches and the curriculum for the younger gymnast, Naima was not able to progress. We found another gym that was smaller and she was able to get a little more individualized coaching. Naima has been progressing over the last year but recently the gym has not been meeting my standards, Naima has been moved from coach to coach and her training has not been consistent. We have found a new gym that recognizes Naima's naturally talent and have put her with other gymnast that are on or above her skill level to push her forward, She is only four years old and still to young to compete but she will be on the Pre-Team until next season.
All of this sounds amazing and I would do anything for my little girl but I am a single mom, a full-time student and I also work two jobs trying to make ends meet. So I am asking the support of friends and family and our community to help me, help Naima be the best gymnast that she can be.

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