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I'm Goncharova Maria, I'm 13 years old, I live in Moscow and I've been skiing for 6 years in one of the Russian sports schools.

When I started, I just enjoyed skiing, speed and snow.

I practiced a lot with my wonderful coach Marina Shcheglova and finally I had serious results.

In 2016/17 I became one of the leaders among girls aged 13-14 in Moscow, I held high places at the All-Russian competitions.

All the coaches with whom I have to deal with, say that I have serious sports prospects, but I need to train more. And the main thing is to train with going to the real mountains, because in Moscow, where I live, there are only small hills. In Russia i can practicise in Urals Mountain, in Sochi and on the Sakhalin Iceland.

Unfortunately, my parents can not afford to pay all my trips to trainings and it is very difficult for me to grow as a professional - skier. After all, my parents have to pay not only the costs of my training, but also the costs of my younger sister, she is a skier too.

To ensure the opportunity to participate in all the trainings appointed by my coach with a trip to the mountains, I need about 300 thousand rubles a year, this is about 6 thousand dollars.

But of course, any help will be very useful to me and I will be very grateful for it.

Your help will allow me to become a real adult athlete, a member of a national team. Each dollar spent by you will help me to climb one more step of a long ladder to the tops of a large mountain skiing.

Thank you all and follow my progress!


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