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**Do watch a video compilation of my training at the end of the campaign video above. **

Currently training at the White peacock badminton academy, Bangalore. I won my first district title for athletics at 13 and haven't looked back since. I have been trained in Karate for 8.5 years and have been a national sprinter. I am currently playing in the national circuit for Badminton but it is difficult for me to attend every tournament as some venues are in cities that are too far away from Bangalore and i can't afford to travel so far.
Financially supporting myself by working as a part-time coach at the same academy and thereby spending 60 hours on the badminton court per week. 28 of which are spent in training myself and 30+ hours a week are spent in coaching other kids aging 5-18.
This routine gives me very little time to rest and hence most days i can't completely recover for the next session and this sometimes leads to minor injuries and sprains.
In terms of Diet, i am following a completely Vegan diet. I have been following the same diet for the past 22 months and i do not take any supplements either.
I make my own peanut butter, cashew butter, almond butter/milk, coconut milk and 8 grain/millet/gram powder in the hostel kitchen. The only additional nutrition i take is spirulina.

IF THIS CAMPAIGN IS SUCCESSFUL, I WILL HAVE THE MEANS TO CONTINUE TRAINING FOR 1 MORE YEAR AT THE SAME ACADEMY AND TRAVEL TO AT LEAST 3 TOURNAMENTS and will have more recovery time which in turn will help me concentrate better on the sport.
I plan to play the international circuit in the near future.


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