Things to do At a Casino

Gambling is clearly one of the best things one can do in a casino, but the casino is not just limited to gambling. There are many more things you can do when given an opportunity to visit a casino. The big casino resorts offer “the full package” for a successful holiday. Luxurious rooms, spas, and gyms in addition to the main attraction which is the casino hall itself. We’ve looked at some of the things you can do at a casino besides slots and table games.

Watch A Game

For the most part, casinos let people watch sports even when you are not betting, so if you are a sports fan, find the sports bars and enjoy a wide variety of live games in many different sports. Although discouraged by many casinos, you can still get your seat and get some time to bet on the game without being bothered especially when the action is taking place.

The Bar

Almost every casino has a bar, and these bars also allow you to play slots on their premises. These bars are always well stocked, and will cater to even the most sophisticate palet. Often steeped in history, life for instance the Bar Prohibition at the Golden Gate Casino in Las Vegas. It has been in operation for over 80 years and is one of the real pioneers on the Strip.

macau casino interior


Everyone loves to eat, and the casino resorts also have some of the best food to offer. Rich and sumptious food courts, restaurants and room service is part and parcel of a casino stay. There is something for every taste and preference and in some of the big resorts you can find famous TV chefs and their restaurants; like for instance Gordon Ramsey at Planet Hollywood Casino in Las Vegas.

Enjoy a show

Want to see the famous Las Vegas showgirls? Or are you more into flying acrobats, mysterious magicians, hilarious comedians, or what about a puppet show? It is also quite possible to be able to catch a show with the biggest divas and legendary musical acts in the casinos wide selection of entertainment options. International casino resorts have embraced the Las Vegas tradition of offering the best shows, so it doesn’t matter if you re in Vegas, Macau, or Sydney – the showgirls will be there.
With so many shows on offer, you can’t possibly take them all in, so do your research and book your tickets in advance of your stay to avoid disappointment.

Online Casinos and Their Landbased Cousins

It is also worth noting that many of the globally recognized casinos have online counterparts. So if you can’t make it to Macau or Las Vegas, you can register at the online casino and get a bit of the genuine casino feeling. Especially the Live Casinos where you play with human live dealers, in real-time, from the actual casino floors, give you the feeling of being at an exclusive casino like for instance the famous Venetian in Macau or Caesars Palace in Vegas.

The online versions of the casinos often have promotions and prizes where you can win luxury stays at the landbased casinos. These prizes are worth thousands of dollars and you will be treated as royalty upon your arrival. If you are particularly lucky the casino will even throw in a stack of free chips for you to enjoy yourself with.


Just want a place where you can relax and simply watch other people? The casino is your best option. You can sit in the casino lobby or at the food court and enjoy people walk, interact with others, or just quietly sit and people watch. You will meet people from all walks of life, from anywhere in the world,  who you can get to know and make some new connections with.

Want an even deeper form of relaxation? Spas of all kinds are usually in the resorts should you desire a massage, facials, or any other well-being treatment. If your own hotel does not have a spa, they will gladly recommend the best spas in their locality.

And remember; What happens in Vegas – stays in Vegas!


The Best Things to do At a Casino

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